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There are 3.4 billion social media users, which is equal to around 45% of the world population. Social media is, without doubt, one of the most popular online activities.

With such a wide potential reach, social media should be an essential element to your marketing strategy. When managed correctly, you engage with your audience, generate more leads and improve business reputation.

Why is social media management important?

Social media management is more than a few tweets or Instagram posts. There are two main focuses within the social media sphere: organic social and paid social.

Organic posting allows you to build brand image through non-paid activity such as a unique tone of voice, engaging copy and powerful imagery. Perhaps you even want to set up chatbots, create a strong visual presence or go viral.

On platforms like Facebook, you have access to data such as audience location, gender, age and personal interests. Through paid ads, you push your brand to new audiences, reaching your target audience instantaneously by specifying when and to who your ads are shown.

Brand awareness and brand loyalty do not happen magically. With clear management processes in place, you are proactive to your customer’s needs, show authenticity, encourage engagement and provide customer support. This effective management combined with engaging text and high impact visuals draws attention from your target audience and speaks to their needs.

Thorough social management builds brand position. With strong reputation and loyal advocates, finding new opportunities, gaining traffic to your website and building conversions couldn’t be easier.

How do EDGE approach social media managment?

Hit businesses on LinkedIn, customers on Facebook or a mix between on Twitter and make your social content an instant hit.

Social media best practices are constantly developing as platforms change their algorithms. Understanding when, where and how to post to best achieve your business goals is imperative to social media success.

Incorporating both organic and paid ads into a robust social media marketing strategy will support you in tackling your business goals with a sense of purpose.

Whether you need support setting up profiles, organising content or setting up paid ads, social media management is a discipline that requires an experienced marketer to deliver top results.

At EDGE Creative, our specialist social media experts work alongside our PPC team to deliver excellent campaigns for businesses across a broad spectrum of industries. This has led to the development of our unique, eight-level social media management process.

7 Steps to help with Social Media management

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    Auditing your platforms & setting objectives

    Auditing your current social media platforms is imperative in identifying any areas that could be developed or changed in order to align with your wider business strategy. Our social media experts perform a full audit on your company social media platforms, assessing your followers, likes, frequency of posts and quality of content to build a better image of your current social media presence. From this, we assess your business goals and provide suggestions and improvements to get there.

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    Competitor investigation

    To develop your strategy, we must understand your position in the industry. Competitor investigation provides us with information about how your competitors have set their profiles up. Do they have chatbots? Are they using social media as a form of customer service? We assess what content they post, their level of engagement and how they do it. With extensive knowledge in both social media and your industry competitors, we will show you where we can take your social media platforms and how your business can excel.

  • 03

    Customer personas

    Aligning your social media audience with your wider business strategy is vital to our social media processes. Defining your ideal audience and creating compelling journeys is imperative in attracting this audience and developing leads for your business. Social media platforms often provide audience breakdowns. Assessing your current followers on features such as age, gender and location highlights any differences between your physical and ideal audience. From this, we can tailor our strategy to attract the right audience.

  • 04

    Organic & paid media strategies

    If you need new platforms set up, social media skins designed, engaging copy written, high-quality images provided or chatbots installed, your social media platforms will portray your brand before any posts are uploaded. Go viral, run competitions, share a cat video or two, or post industry specific information and news articles. Whether it’s b2b or b2c marketing, your social media platforms and organic content remain aligned to your business brand, tone of voice and other marketing materials. Understanding where and how you are going to reach your ideal audience is vital, and often, your social media strategy will make use of paid social media advertising. With social media platforms capturing 33% of the time users spend online, reaching new individuals through paid ads can be imperative to social media success. Our social media team will then compile a comprehensive, engaging social plan to outline how we should reach your target audience. If using PPC, we will also outline spend and budget.

  • 05

    Content creation & campaign build

    Writing relevant content is imperative to the success of your social media campaigns. This content must be engaging, unique and written to embody your brand values and beliefs. After the plan is complete, our established content team will create bi-weekly or weekly social media schedules, ensuring the content posted remains relevant to your target audience. Our design team will work alongside them, crafting high-quality visuals, animations and videos for each social media platform. If necessary, we will create PPC campaigns in order to develop your marketing efforts and continue to yield great results.

  • 06

    Outreach & optimisation

    Although, paid ads work as an important part of our outreach process by getting your name in front of new people, we also work organically. This is achieved as our social media team get involved with industry-specific conversation. This puts your business in front of new people constantly, bringing value to discussions and portraying your brand as an industry expert. Staying current and relevant is vital. As your campaigns run and your social media audience grows, we continue to optimise and update your images, skins and content.

  • 07

    Tracking & reporting

    It is vital that you are always one step ahead when it comes to your social media platforms as they are constantly changing their rules and guidelines. Analysing data and reporting on engagement and follower activity is vital in keeping your social media up to date and current. We will monitor your accounts to evaluate success, producing easy-to-understand data in monthly reports. This data allows us to continually develop your social media marketing strategy.

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Where should I focus my social media efforts?

Our specialist social media experts have a vast knowledge of the social media landscape and can support you with the following platforms: