Brand Evolution

Last edited 5 February, 2024
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You know a brand has got it right when just the vision of their logo or mention of their name instantly associates with their brand values, clearly communicated across the world. With globally recognised brands there are no language barriers hindering the understanding of the company’s industry, values or product – the message is received in simple terms, symbolised through one icon.

It goes without saying that the development of the brand is crucial in evaluating the changes within the company and learning how to represent and re-represent the company to the consumer. Brand values are key in this process and it’s clear that the most successful businesses in today’s market think further than aesthetics when representing their brand.

All businesses begin the same, with a vision, objectives and a name. Quite quickly after this comes the process of portraying your competitive advantage to your target audience and a clear visual representation of your company is vital in doing this. By looking at some of the world’s biggest brands and the evolution of the logo that defines them we start to unravel their stories of development, growth and inspirations.

Over the next 5 days we will be posting histories of the following Brand’s logo development

1. Apple

2. Canon

3. Pepsi

4. Nike

5. Volkswagen

Be sure to check back to find out how these global brands have evolved through the years!

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