5 ways to benefit from outsourcing your marketing

Last edited 21 March, 2024
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In this article we have highlighted some of the benefits of working with a marketing agency including:

Marketing isn’t a simple process. Methods and trends are constantly evolving and can prove challenging to keep on top of, especially when running a business.

With so many digital and traditional areas to cover within your strategy, having an experienced marketing consultant onboard can help ensure you have the right strategy in place to increase your visibility and grow your business.

So, how could you benefit from working with a marketing agency?

Experience the advantages of 360° marketing

Marketing is an essential part of running a successful business, and when delivered strategically through data-driven omnichannel strategies, it can help boost your brand awareness, customer loyalty and reputation. Using targeted marketing methods can also allow your business to stand out from its competitors, nurture new customers and grow your business. 

A holistic approach to the daily running of your business provides an opportunity to reach every prospect and customer touchpoint across multiple channels. With data-driven omnichannel strategies, you can rest easy knowing that you are delivering your customers a consistent, cohesive brand experience across digital and traditional touchpoints. 

For example, you can engage with your ‘ideal customer’ through targeted marketing methods, including SEOpaid ads, and social media. By utilising all these marketing aspects within your overall strategy, your business will increase its conversions, as you will be reaching your target audience.

Staying up to date with popular marketing methods is also crucial to the long-term success of your business. Not doing so could risk the success of your business and create further work and expense in the future, as you try to catch up to your competitors.

You can identify the key demographics of your target audience

As much as getting your business out there is necessary for brand awareness, there’s a lot of market research and data analysis that goes on behind the scenes in an integrated marketing agency to ensure you’re reaching the right people. After all, what is the point in advertising to audiences who are not interested in your brand, products or services? You are only wasting your resources, budget, and time.

For example, when using paid advertising on social platforms, it is vital that you only target people that your advert is relevant to otherwise this will quickly eat up your budget with little benefit. A marketing agency would review all the data you have to make informed decisions on who to target.

Utilising data from your website and other marketing channels can help you better understand your audience demographics, such as gender, location, and occupation, enabling you to create tailored and targeted campaigns that will appeal to your audience.

Work with specialists in their marketing field

There are a lot of technical aspects to consider for a successful marketing campaign. For example, SEO involves researching relevant keywords and implementing a keyword strategy, defining other strategies for backlinking, on-page improvements, off-page optimisation, and content development.

In-house marketing teams are typically smaller in size and often feature generalist marketers with some skills and experience in multiple aspects of marketing. However, when working with a marketing agency you can utilise the expertise of specialists who know everything about their specific area of marketing.

Take our agency as an example, we have a variety of specialists from digital (email marketingPPC, and social media) to print and design (brand identityart direction and photography, animation and video) and everything in between.

Two businesses are better than one

As the saying goes, two heads are better than one…

By working in partnership with an agency, they can become an extension of your marketing team, you can share the ideas and visions you have for your business, and they can use their skills, knowledge and experience the help bring them to life, giving you the time to focus on running your business.

When working alongside an expert marketing agency, you also don’t just have access to their amazing set of in-house skills and knowledge, you also have open access to multiple points of contact, ready to guide and support you on your marketing journey.

Work with a team with a proven track record of success

Are you looking to work with marketing consultants in Birmingham?

EDGE Creative was established in Sutton Coldfield in 2004, meaning we have more than 18 years of experience in the marketing industry and have worked with businesses of all shapes and sizes in that time – locally, nationally, and overseas! 

We have a young, growing team of content creators, designers, strategists, digital marketers, and web developers, which means whatever marketing support you are looking for – we can provide it!

Maximise your engagement whilst sitting back, having a coffee, and leaving the campaigns to your very own external marketing team.

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