Art direction and photography

75% of online shoppers rely on product photos when deciding on a potential purchase and according to IndustrialMarketer, an article with relevant imagery gains 94% more total views than an article without.

Photography and art direction play an important role in the world of marketing. The visuals for your advertising campaigns, your website and your brochures should be presented in such a way that grabs the attention of your target audience, evoking an emotional reaction and leading them with a lasting impression.


Art direction is the process of understanding visual communication and orchestrating effective creativity. Having an art director work alongside a photographer ensures you can maximise creative potential by bringing life to the concept through photography. A good art director will revolutionise the photographer’s shoot. While the photographer will focus on getting the best shot possible, an art director will have a larger insight into how the image will eventually be used.


Ensuring you have good visual content is an integral factor to our marketing processes. Working alongside our photographer, EDGE Creative will provide art direction through development and management of planning, execution and evaluation of photography across all your media channels. Having good photography gets your customer’s attention. With relevant and high-quality images, you will capture your target audience’s imagination far more than text alone.

As well as this, consistent imagery is essential for forging your brand’s identity. Good visuals help tell your brand’s story and will make your business unique. Consistent photography will help create a brand that is memorable. Good quality also conveys quality. Having imagery that makes your products look good is likely to drive sales. Our four steps to art direction include:

Our steps on art direction and photography

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    When planning and preparing a photoshoot, it is important that you consider a variety of different elements to make sure that it is the best it can be. Firstly, we get to grips to what it is that you need from the photoshoot. What are you aiming for? What will the photographs be used for? Once we have come up with the concepts, we can create a moodboard. The moodboard allows us to put these concepts to paper and start to build on the thought process we have developed. This will allow us to create a narrative for the shoot and craft some unforgettable photos.

  • 02


    Having everything in place pre-shoot makes it much easier on the day of the shoot to achieve all the goals we originally set out to achieve. After securing the necessary models and props and organising the location for the shoot, our photographer can get to work. During the shoot, the art director and the photographer will work collaboratively to ensure the creative strategy is met. Together, they will articulate your brand through imagery.

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    Creating an image does not end after pressing the shutter button. Whether it’s photo retouching, changing image backgrounds, correcting the colours, image masking or photo restoration, the photo editing process is as important as the shoot itself. Our design studio will work hard to ensure the photographs match the concepts agreed upon, providing high-quality imagery for your brand.

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    With the images achieved and the brief met, we will start rolling out the results. Whether they were images for social media, or online and offline materials, it’s important that the images reflect your brand and are used properly.

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