Promote Your Brand Authenticity with Strategic Storytelling

Last edited 21 March, 2024
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If you would like to add the depth storytelling brings to your business, it’s best to get started with:

Have you ever wondered how many times you’ve said, “I have something to tell you!” to one of your friends or family? Especially when you have exciting news or when you see something that’s caught your attention. In situations like these, we can’t really contain ourselves and feel the need to share the story with someone else.

Why is that? Well, that can be explained by the fact that we’re social beings who use stories to try to make sense of the world and to talk about what’s happening around us. Actually, we’re more than just storytellers – we’re also attentive listeners, always chasing for good stories to listen to.

Now you’re questioning how this can be relevant to a brand or in boosting sales. To that, we simply say: Why not give people what they’re looking for?

In a world where we’re constantly targeted by advertising, we began to build resistance to anything salesy, repetitive, or that doesn’t relate to us. Nowadays we’re all about getting different experiences and having something that feels new and made for us.

For brands, this means your marketing approach and delivery must step up. It’s never been more essential for you to humanise your communications and show authenticity by becoming storytellers.

What makes storytelling in marketing so important?

Just like we mentioned above, it has never been more important to humanise your brand, products, and adverts. Thanks to the unrestrictive nature of the internet, customers face plenty of options to choose from and brands can fall into the background if they don’t make themselves stand out.

To do this, brands need to think out of the box and stay away from traditional marketing by giving the customers the unique experience they desire.

This is when storytelling becomes a powerful tool for marketers as the key to customer’s hearts to nurturing their relationship with the brand and selling the value of the brand and product.

Through storytelling, a brand can show its personality and purpose by using the right tone of voice to create the desired emotion, whether that be heart-warming, humorous, or insightful… A great story has the power to build anticipation and excitement over the core message that you’re sending.

Here are some benefits of using storytelling to market your brand and products:

Improve loyalty

Nowadays, people only want to buy from brands that they trust. To create that trust, it’s necessary to add personality to the brand and focus on your brand’s purpose.

By having a good story with a narrative that represents the brand and what it stands for, your brand loyalty will improve and will engage customers, reminding them that they’re not just buying a product, but also a story.

Make people fall in love with your product

If you’re selling products online, your competition can be high and if you don’t have a set strategy to help you stand out from the crowd, your brand and product will become just like any other out there in the e-commerce landscape.

Using storytelling might be your secret weapon to make your customers fall in love with your product – people remember stories 22 times more than just facts or figures. So, it’s your time to shine and show who you are and how can they identify with you!

Creating a story for your product not only will help you simplify the message, but you can also place it in a real-life situation and show how can the customer benefit from it. This will make it easier for them to understand the purpose and the value of the product.

The story that you tell can make the difference between converting them to buy your product or going to the competition, so make sure you overload it with your brand personality and that you use the right tone of voice!

Build a community

People can relate to stories, meaning that they have the power to bring people together. The stories that you tell your customers can create a sense of togetherness, helping inspire and motivate them, as well as nudging them to reshare your product for the message and letting them become part of your brand’s identity.

How should you incorporate storytelling into your content marketing strategy?

Now that you know the importance of storytelling in marketing, you should be excited to start creating your content strategy. There are a few things to take into consideration before you get going!

It’s important to understand from the very beginning what your customers are looking for to solve their problem – customers look for a product or service that they will benefit from, and that’s what will ultimately make them decide to purchase it. By knowing this, it’s time to look at your brand’s purpose and what you have to offer and understand if this meets your customer’s needs and desires.

Does your offering check all points? That’s great! It means you share values with your customer, and you relate to your consumer’s challenges! You’ll start creating the strategy by taking into consideration both parts and finding the sweet spot: the story. How are you delivering the story? In a video, product description, or a photo? What are the purpose and core message of the story? What is the tone of voice? What is the action that you want the customers to follow up with? These are some of the questions that you will be asking when creating the narrative of your story – it’s vital to understand the end goal so you know you’re on the right track and delivering the right message!

Not the best at storytelling? No worries, we’ve got the pen and paper ready!

We understand that creating stories can be a bit overwhelming and is a skill that needs time to be crafted. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t start using storytelling now and benefit from all the good things that come with it!

We’re a creative agency in Birmingham with a team that loves writing unforgettable stories and creating the best marketing strategies for your brand to boost your product sales and make your brand everyone’s favourite!

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