Online and offline design

At EDGE Creative, we understand the impact of both online and offline design. While the focus has shifted towards digital design over recent years, physical and printed materials are still a crucial element of your marketing strategy. That’s why we assign equal importance to both and utilise the differences in purpose and strategy between the two.

Why should my business consider online and offline design?

In a time where digital marketing is taking over the landscape, it can be easy to forget offline design and its impact. In fact, employing a mixture of online and offline design is crucial to reaching your audience, wherever they may be. Could your business make use of EDGE Creative printing?

Printed work should not be overlooked in the current advertising climate. In fact, two of our biggest success stories stem from print media: TCR Food Services (also known as The Nation’s Favourite) and Vennersys.

TCR approached us with the aim of creating a brand for their takeaway packaging. We delivered a nostalgic seaside feel and rolled out the new design across all types of their packaging, from pizza boxes to cups and bags.

Having already overhauled the Vennersys website, we were also tasked with producing a brochure for them to take to networking and social events. Vennersys now have an EDGE-designed, fully branded brochure to help demonstrate the functionality and flexibility of their platform.

How do EDGE approach online and offline design?

We are specialists in both offline and online design and understand how to employ the unique differences between the two in an effective marketing campaign. Our team has seen the shift in public focus to the digital world, but also understand just how important it is to reach customers at every point in their journey.

Both online and in the real world, utilising engaging and eye-catching creative design for your clients’ the first point of contact is imperative. Whether in a social media advert or a brochure at a networking event, your audience may not give you a second thought if your marketing material doesn’t interest them.

Our approach to online and offline design

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    STEP ONE: Meeting with you

    Firstly, we’ll meet with you to discuss your business objectives, ethos, and vision. This means we’ll sit down with you to explore how we can bring your brand to life with design, while staying true to your business history and mission. We’ll then brainstorm ideas internally and collaborate with different departments to ensure your online and offline designs fit their purpose.

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    STEP TWO: Producing a concept

    Once the team have sat down to discuss ideas, we’ll produce various concepts for you to review and feedback on. We’ll present these ideas in a way that makes it easy for your team to discuss and collaborate before committing to a single design.

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    STEP THREE: Getting to work

    After you’ve approved the marketing design concept, we’ll get to work on the full set of online or offline designs. Guided by your dedicated Account Manager, our designers will provide proofs for your team to provide further feedback on.

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    STEP FOUR: Implementation

    Once you’re happy with your final designs, we’ll use them across your online and offline marketing campaigns. For example, social media or email marketing designs will be provided to you in the correct format and will not be posted until you approve them. If we’re producing designs for printed materials, we can organise these to be printed for you, or send the files to you in whatever format you need.

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