The Clubhouse app: is this the new age of social networking?

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Last edited 21 March, 2024
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In this blog we will discuss what you need to know about the Clubhouse app:

Clubhouse is the new app on the block – it’s invite-only, audio-only and is quickly gaining traction.

Launched at the start of the pandemic by Silicon Valley entrepreneurs Paul Davison and Rohan Seth, the app is quickly gaining recognition and popularity, with celebrity users from Kanye West through to tech giants Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg. Last month it burst into the mainstream with Elon Musk maxing out the room limit of 5000, resulting in the conversation being live streamed on YouTube.

With everyone unable to meet in person, and the restrictions implemented by the pandemic bringing a new desire to expand your knowledge and be productive with your time, the app holds a lot of potential. It’s combination of the nature of a TEDx talks podcast, a radio talk show and the room-like features of Houseparty offers a platform for sharing information globally, and hints towards a new age of social networking events.

How to gain access?

Access is by invitation only.

A current user must invite you using one of their initial two invites. Once invited, you will receive a link via text through which you can create an account and select your topics of interest. The more information you share, the more rooms and people (therefore, knowledge) you will have access to.

How does it work?

The app allows its users to create conversations in private rooms. A certain number of people talk within a room, and other users have the option to join as a listener. Although many people use the app to communicate with friends, you can also listen in to talks with the famous and influential. Much like a lecture or seminar, you can raise your hand to request to talk (e.g. to ask a question). This allows for a constant sharing of knowledge and topical conversations.

Also, everything is in real-time. Much like a phone call, when a conversation ends, the call is over. The app does not allow conversations to be recorded and stored. You have to catch it as it happens.

The future of the Clubhouse app

Currently, the app is very exclusive, which does limit its capacity to share knowledge and connect people across the global. However, for those who have not yet scored an invite, hope is on the horizon. The creators have mentioned that they plan to make Clubhouse accessible to the world in 2021.

This could open the app’s information-circulation potential to the masses, opening the prospect of a new, worldwide method of networking.

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Unfortunately due to the coronavirus pandemic, we haven’t been able to meet in person. During the last year, we’ve been hosting our own leadership discussions over Zoom, so we certainly understand the attraction to Clubhouse.

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