Why Brand Development is Crucial to Your SME Success

Last edited 21 March, 2024
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SME’s – they’re the lifeblood of the UK’s business scene. With over 5.7 million of them being registered as of late 2018, it’s not surprising that 30% of businesses fail during their first two years. Five years down the line, this figure jumps to 50%.

With this in mind, how can you make sure your business stays strong, powerful and above the competition? Brand.

1. Branding improves recognition

How many logos do you come across during the course of a day? Chances are, the number is pretty high. Even if you were to look around right now – it’s likely you’ll spot a good few logos just on your first glance. If you want to attract attention, a memorable and well-designed logo is the best place to start.

However, a great brand goes far beyond a memorable logo. We all know that logos are important; they need to be instantly recognisable, convey your brand’s identity, and stand out across your entire marketing mix. Going “beyond” and making your brand truly recognisable is weaving these factors through absolutely everything you do, because if you want your brand to be recognisable, it must first be consistent.

Think: if your brand was a person, who would they be? What would they wear? How would they talk? What are their beliefs, goals and dreams? Before considering how your brand is going to be represented, you’ll need a clear set of guidelines describing your brand’s identity and personality, and exactly how you’re going to express this.

2. Branding generates new leads

It’s hard to sell to people if they don’t know you exist in the first place. First impressions matter, and your brand is the first thing a potential customer will use to deduce if they want, need or trust your business. Your business might tick all their boxes, but does your brand tell them that?

Having a solid brand strategy will push you closer to new business, helping to bring in relevant leads who are ready to convert into customers. Brand awareness through channels such as social media and search engines could help customers to not only find you in the first place, but understand that your brand is providing something they want.

Not only can branding make or break your success at the top of the marketing funnel, but branding can also influence customer loyalty and encourage repeat customers. If your brand becomes a familiar face for previous customers, consistency with your message, ethos and customer experience can help them choose you time and time again.

As well as making your brand consistent and recognisable, you also need to consider how it’s going to grab attention from potential customers. Your brand needs to be heard above the noise – but that doesn’t necessarily mean shouting louder. You just need to say something different.

3. Branding inspires employees

Don’t be shallow – your brand’s true beauty comes from within. It’s essential that your brand has substance, and incorporates a business mission.

Your business mission refers to your business’s purpose, ethos and values, and shouts out loud about how and why your company is different. When employees understand this and feel that they can relate to your mission, they are likely to feel the same pride and work in the same direction to achieve your business goals.

This can impact productivity and customer satisfaction. According to Korn Ferry’s Executive Survey, 70% of business executives say embracing the company mission boosts employee productivity ‘to a great extent.’

Not only will a strong brand mission give prospective candidates a clear view as to who you are as a business, but you’ll also show potential clients what your business stands for, and influence their decision in using your products or services.

EDGE Creative

EDGE Creative have extensive experience in brand building and storytelling for SME’s across a huge range of industries, including financial planning provider Ernest Grant, accessibility solutions provider Able Access UK, and fresh food supplier Tasty Chicken. One client we’re particularly proud of is Rudds Wellies, who came to us as a brand-new start-up business in 2016.

Having a strong brand has been vital to their success. We were tasked with creating the brand from scratch, incorporating the right look and feel to project the brand values and appeal to both consumers and funders.

Rachel Rudd, who is the founder of Rudds Wellies, said that after researching and developing their product for “nearly 2 years” before it came to market, they were “very nervous about finding a creative agency” that could take care of their product and “brand it effectively”.

I need not have worried,” said Rachel. “EDGE Creaitve have an amazing ability of understanding what you need, and creating amazing imagery and content. They have been with me every step of the way, from logo and packaging design to holding my hand during presentations.

Even when you’re not sure what you need, EDGE offer amazing expertise and options to give your business a brand it deserves.”

Find out more about how EDGE Creative can support you and your brand by calling 0121 355 8092 or emailing info@edge-creative.com.



Ellena Yapp

Content Manager

Ellena started working at EDGE in March 2021, after deciding to pursue her passion for the written word. She hopes to develop a rewarding career in digital marketing, specifically content writing, and is very excited to grow as part of the EDGE team.