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Edwards Accountants are an independent, chartered accountancy firm based in the midlands with services geared towards both businesses and personal clients.

As taxation specialists, they are experts at identifying all available opportunities to lessen the burden of tax for both business and individuals while also ensuring full legal compliance. Likewise, they are experts across all fields of business, providing specialist services for tech companies, cloud accounting, and auditing.

Edwards were also founded more than a century ago, so you know that you’re in expert hands when working alongside them.

The Task

Edwards were looking to redesign their website to help make it more user friendly while also maintaining their original branding and structure. They wanted their website to be a hub of information for their customers to easily navigate and find out what they need to without issues.

Additionally, the main way that Edwards were gaining new clients was through word of mouth. As such, they wanted to update their SEO strategy to help improve their web traffic and conversion rates, since they were finding it difficult to generate new leads and find new clients through their website.

We also wanted to ensure continual growth and development after the completion of the project, adapting and altering the website based on customer behaviour. We also centralised the text across the website in amore uniform manner to improve the user experience.

Edwards Accountants form design and form formatting to a layout that better suits their brand
Edwards Accountants banner design for event advertising
Edwards Accountants webpage design with pages across their rebranded website

The Results

From a development point of view, our first job was to rework Edwards’ service pages so that their customers have an easier time finding the information they require. The previous layout was too complicated, making it difficult for them to find information, so we restructured this section of the website to simplify and improve the user journey while maintaining their original branding and structure.

We also provided them with the functionality they needed to host a fully fleshed out library of up-to-date resources on their website, accessible through the search bar, and downloadable by visitors. This database of resources was designed with client learning in mind, so we also worked to restructure it when necessary and rewrite any content that needed updating.

In terms of SEO, our results have been huge. If you compare Q2 and Q3 of 2022 to the previous two quarters, Edwards have improved across the board. The success of our initial SEO work with Edwards has resulted in EDGE providing ongoing SEO improvements for the accountants, which we continue to deliver on a monthly basis.

Since the completion of this project, we have added additional features as a direct result of user behaviour data collected from Hotjar. These include a ‘featured news’ banner which links directly to a trending news topic, a scrolling news panel to highlight recent posts from Edwards, and additional logos added to the website footer.

“At Edwards, we began looking at our website and general online presence in 2020, as we had identified a number of issues that we thought we needed to address. After speaking to several providers, we decided to take things forward with EDGE.

Where EDGE have been brilliant is in not only supporting us in addressing the areas that we knew we needed to tackle, but in highlighting issues we hadn’t already identified.

We’re accountants and tax advisers, not website developers or content writers, so having that expert opinion on hand at all times has been invaluable. However, the pinnacle of their service is the way in which they’ve ensured that we understood the impact of the improvements being made through clear reporting and briefings throughout that journey.

As a result, we’ve developed a more authentic voice and used it to put our perspective on issues that directly affect our clients (and prospective clients too!). This has already resulted in increased traffic to our website, and new levels of engagement with new clients.”

Steven Holden Tax Director At Edwards Accountants

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