Fidelis provide high-quality cleaning, facilities management and related property services. They are driven by their vision to be the market leader in world-class cleaning, providing the perfect lasting impression of a premises.

The Task

We were tasked to help Fidelis Group present an engaging pitch and proposal document of their services to a potential customer. A detailed audit of current marketing led us to create a strategic credentials document for the sale team, what we believe to be an essential tool for showcasing Fidelis in new business presentations. It was important to encompass a clear overview of the businesses capabilities and experience, whilst highlighting the benefits of becoming a Fidelis client.

The credentials document had to communicate Fidelis Groups’ brand values, expertise and first class service offering in an engaging and targeted manner. The document was to maintain the professional standard of Fidelis’ approach, keeping the target audience in mind at every stage of engagement.

The Results

We intentionally made the document simple in design yet effective in its delivery. We achieved this by using clearly branded sections, highlighting key points to focus on and increasing visual impact through creative direction such as contrasting colour panels, bullet points and a clean-cut, fresh appearance.

The document was also designed to be editable in-house for future presentations. We also made sure we included information about business processes and client management, with the aim to help the audience visualise being a Fidelis client.

The credentials document was a great success, as we helped Fidelis Group stand out from the competition, resulting in them securing a new business contact worth £200k. The client was delighted with the result, as it proved to be extremely effective marketing investment.

The attention to detail from EDGE meant that we secured a contract, helping the Fidelis Group to grow and develop. We are absolutely delighted by the creativity, hard work and seamless process that has been executed in this project. It is without a doubt an asset to our business.

Lloyd Ansermoz Marketing Director

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