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Circuit Hospitality is a leading supplier of sports hospitality and events packages globally. Based in the UK, they specialise in providing first-class, luxury Premier League football, horse racing, and music concert experiences across both international and domestic markets.

Their close working relationships with several Premier League clubs, horse racing venues, and concert arenas allow them to provide a streamlined hospitality experience for new and repeat customers.

Circuit Hospitality were seeking an integrated marketing agency to raise brand awareness and increase global ticket sales to a wider audience whilst improving their buying journey and user experience when engaging with their brand online.

Therefore, we needed to conduct an in-depth digital audit into the existing website user journey, customer buying behaviours, and data metrics. In addition, we thoroughly evaluated the UI of the Circuit website across multiple devices and browsers to identify performance issues.

Above all, our team wanted to ensure that the updated Circuit Hospitality website was easy to navigate and that the event packages were simple and fast to purchase, ensuring that the answers to any customer questions were available on the site.

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Circuit Hospitality's website ecommerce page design
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We moved the website to our dedicated hosting platform and cleaned up the backend of the website to reduce file size and improve performance. We implemented a monthly web maintenance package to ensure all plug-ins were updated and to keep the site secure. We implemented a comprehensive SEO strategy to ensure that the website would be seen when users searched for sporting hospitality tickets. This was achieved by on and off-page SEO deliverables including content creation, blog research, and consistent CRO (Conversation Rate Optimisation) modifications, such as redesigning core pages and moving key content into more visible areas. Now, 11 target keywords for Circuit have entered the top 10 Google search results, while 5 have managed to reach the top 5.

We have supported this with heat mapping and Google Analytics data, allowing us to analyse how customers use the website. For example, we noticed an increase in people clicking on the reviews logo which linked to their profile. As a result, we added a widget that pulled through reviews so users could see them without leaving the website, helping to increase dwell time and improve the chance of a user converting.

We devised multiple PPC campaigns for both UK and USA audiences to ensure that specific events were served to relevant target audiences. To date, our PPC campaigns have yielded strong results with sales upwards of £150,000 in the UK alone.

Circuit Hospitality's mobile website design

This project required the careful balance of our omni-channel marketing approach and our expertise as a team to ensure that we integrated the data and processes between the website, SEO, PPC, content creation, and UX/UI work. We are still working closely with Circuit Hospitality as a technological consultant, continuing to identify areas of their user journey and internal processes that can be improved.

A full-scale digital transformation requires extensive research and consistent execution because of the many moving parts, but our strong working relationship with Circuit has allowed us to move quickly and execute data-led decisions effectively.

Since our work with the client is ongoing, we will be able to identify further opportunities driven by the sports and entertainment industry and customer buying behaviours, further improving the profitability of the business.

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Karen O'Donovan with the Circuit Hospitality team
Circuit Hospitality shown on Google's search result
Circuit Hospitality social media platform design and customer reviews

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